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As of 2006, the largest employers in the city of Hyderabad are the governments of Telangana and of India. The service industry remains dominant in the city, and 90% of the employed workforce is engaged in this sector. Hyderabad's role in the pearl trade has given it the name, "City of Pearls" and up until the 18th century, the city was also the only global trading center for large diamonds.

Being such a favorable city for travelers, service apartments in Hyderabad started becoming very popular among them. In case of a serviced apartment, you have the options of more rooms, rather than being stuck in one hotel room. Thus you can enjoy a homey, comfortable feeling.

One of the prime benefits of a serviced apartment is that it lets you feel like a local and get an authentic experience of living in the city.

A serviced apartment consists of a well-equipped kitchen, this grants you the autonomy to cook for yourself. If you are a solo traveler with limited financial means, this is an excellent way to save money. This is also a necessary facility for medical tourists, or people with health concerns and stringent dietary requirements, or even for families traveling with kids.

The laundry services offered in hotel accommodations are expensive, while serviced apartments have washing machines and dryers for DIY laundry – the most cost effective solution possible.

One more reason why people choose a serviced apartment over a hotel room are the amenities such as Internet access, Television set with cable connection or set-top box, a gym, swimming pool, and so on.

The Hotel Apartments aims to provide travelers the best hospitality experience while you are in Hyderabad. Hence we have a directory of luxurious & affordable service apartments in the city where you can have a memorable stay.


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Thehotelapartments.com emphasise only on “Apart-hotels” or “extended stay hotels”

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Unlike other website we are just not a booking engine, we are also online directory of serviced apartments.

Thehotelapartment.com provides the contact details of all the serviced apartmentsalong with a ENQUIRE NOW option to drop a message to the serviced apartment if there are any personal queries. Once you send a message, the concerned person of serviced apartment will reply back to you through phone or email. And SAVE TO PHONE/EMAIL helps to save the information of any serviced apartment through message and email for any kind of personal usage just by entering your phone number and email id.

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Helps to filter the search based on the number of bedroom and it also auto display the discounted amount for more number of nights which if it’s given from the serviced apartment.

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An android app for directory cum booking on the go and an option of ‘get direction’ which helps the guests to navigate to their respective reserved serviced apartment and ‘Places nearby’ option which makes it easier to find atm, restaurants, attractions etc which is near to your stay.
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